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Below find the current draft position and players taken.  Draft is starting at 10:30AM 6-13-2011.

#1 - Cleveland Cavaliers -  Kyrie Irving out of Duke University
#2 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams of Arizona
#3 - Utah Jazz - Enes Kanter of Kentucky
#4 - Detroit Pistons (Via Cleveland Cavaliers) - Brandon Knight from Kentucky.
#5 - Toronto Raptors - Kemba Walker of Uconn
#6 - Washington Wizards - Jan Vesely of Czech Republic
#7 - Sacremento Kings - Kawhi Leonard of San Diego State
#8 - Detroit Pistons - Donatas Motiejunas from Lithuania
#9 - Charlotte Bobcats - Marcus Morris of Kansas
#10 - Milwaukee Bucks - Jonas Valanciunas from Lithuania
#11 - Golden State Warriors - Alec Burks of University of Colorado
#12 - Utah Jazz - Bismack Biyombo of Congo
#13 - Phoenix Suns - Jordan Hamilton of Texas
#14 - Houston Rockets - Klay Thompson of Washington State
#15 - Washington Wizards (Via Indiana Pacers) - Chris Singleton of Florida State
#16 - Philadelphia 76ers - Tristan Thompson of Texas
#17 - New York Knicks - Marshon Brooks of Providence
#18 - Washington Wizards - Jimmer Fredette of BYU
#19 - Charlotte Bobcats - Tyler Honeycutt of UCLA
#20 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Nikola Vucevic of USC
#21 - Minnesota Timberwolves (Via Portland Trailblazers) - Darius Morris of Michigan
#22 - Denver Nuggets - Tobias Harris of Tennessee
#23 - Houston Rockets - Kenneth Faried of Morehead State
#24 - Minnesota Timberwolves (Via Oklahoma City Thunder) - Markeiff Morris of Kansas
#25 - Boston Celtics - Jeremy Tyler of USA
#26 - Dallas Mavericks - Justin Harper of Richmond
#27 - New Jersey Nets - Chandler Parsons of Florida
#28 - Chicago Bulls - Davis Bertans of Latvia
#29 - San Antonio Spurs - Kyle Singler of Duke
#30 - Chicago Bulls - Shelvin Mack of Butler

#31 - Miami Heat - Reggie Jackson of Boston College
#32 - Cleveland Cavaliers - JaJuan Johnson of Purdue
#33 - Philly Seventy Sixers (Via Detroit Pistons) - Nolan Smith of Duke
#34 - Washington Wizards - Jordan Williams of Maryland
#35 - Sacremento Kings - Malcolm Lee of UCLA
#36 - New Jersey Nets - Travis Leslie of Georgia
#37 - LA Clippers - Nikola Mirotic of Montenegro
#38 - Houston Rockets - Keith Benson of Oakland
#39 - Charlotte Bobcats - Trey Thompkins of Georgia
#40 - Milwaukee Bucks - Iman Shumpert of Georgia Tech
#41 - LA Lakers - Andrew Goudelock of College of Charleston
#42 - Indiana Pacers - Charles Jenkins of Hofstra
#43 - Chicago Bulls - Jon Leuer of Wisconsin
#44 - Golden State Warriors - Malcolm Thomas of San Diego State
#45 - New Orleans Hornets - Norris Cole of Cleveland State
#46 - LA Lakers - Lavoy Allen of Temple
#47 - LA Clippers - Rick Jackson of Syracuse
#48 - Utah Jazz (Via Atlanta Hawks) - Josh Selby of Kansas
#49 - Memphis Grizzlies - Bojan Bogdanovich of Cibona
#50 - Philadelphia Sixers - Isaiah Thomas of Washington
#51 - Portland Trailblazers - Corey Joseph of Texas
#52 - Detroit Pistons (Via Denver Nuggets) - Jimmy Butler of Marquette
#53 - Cleveland Cavaliers (Via Orlando Magic) - David Lighty of Ohio State
#54 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Jon Diebler of Ohio State
#55 - Boston Celtics - Deandre Liggins of Kentucky
#56 - LA Lakers - Gilbert Brown of Pittsburgh
#57 - Dallas Mavericks - LaceDarius Dunn of Baylor
#58 - LA Lakers - Lucas Nogueira of Brazil
#59 - San Antonio Spurs - Michael Dunigan of International
#60 - Sacremento Kings - Demetri McCamey of Illinois

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Trade Center - CMSMD2011NOFA!!!

Below I will post approved Trades. The trades will originally be posted in the Discussion Thread. If you feel there is a reason a trade should not be approved, feel free to discuss it on the discussion board. Each trade will have Three Days*.

Rockets trade Brad Miller

 to the

 Hawks for Zaza Pachulia

Pistons get: 

Andre Iguodala ($13,531,750)

Marreese Speights ($2,721,254)

76ers get: 

Ben Gordon ($11,600,000)

Jason Maxiell ($5,000,000)

33rd overall pick

Timberwolves get:
Cook $2,169,857
Mohammed $6,883,800

roughlt 9 mil


Thunder get:
Tolliver $2,200,000

roughly 8.2 mil

Armon Johnson for 2011-2012 $788,872
Fabricio Oberto for 2010-2011 (His last year of the contract) $992,680

To Kings $ 1,781,552

Donte Greene for 2011-2012 $1,679,913

To Trail Blazers  $ 1,679,913

Warriors trade:

Andris Biedrins - 9,000,000
Reggie Williams - 762,195

Celtics trade:

Glen Davis - 3,300,000
Nenad Krstic - 5,800,000

Trailblazers receive

Pau $18,714,150

Steve Blake $4,000,000

Devin Ebanks $736,420


LA Lakers receive

Roy $14,940,153

Camby $9,256,500


Orlando Receives:
Phoenix Receives:
  • Jameer Nelson 7.8 mill
  • JJ Redick - 7.2 mill
  • 2012 first round pick 


Wesley Matthews $6,135,160

Nicolas Batum $2,155,364

Luke Babbitt $1,768,800

TOTAL $10,059,324


Kevin Martin $12,019,840

Cleveland receives:

Andre Iguodala $13,531,750 

Detroit receives:

4th pick

(Cleveland uses $13,531,750 of trade exception from LeBron James deal) 

Utah Jazz Receive:
Monta Ellis
 - 11,000,000
Charlie Bell - 4,092,000
Louis Amundson - 2,403,000
Total: $17,495,000

Golden State Warriors Receive:
Al Jefferson
 - 14,000,000
C.J. Miles - 3,700,000
Total: $17,700,000

Portland Trail Blazers send to the Minnesota Timberwolves:

Patrick Mills 937,195

#21 pick

Jerryd Bayless Trade Exception 2,292,600


Anthony Randolph 2,911,231 

Wizards receive -

James Posey - 6,925,400

Paul George - 2,406,240

15th overall pick 2011

Total: 9,331,640

Pacers receive -

Andray Blatche - 6,442,083

Nick Young - 3,695,857

Total: 10,137,940

Knicks Get: 
Devin Harris 9,319,000
Jamal Crawford $10,080,000
Kyrylo Fesenko  $1,087,500   (S&T)
Pape Sy            $473,604   (S&T)
Total: $20,960,104

Knicks Trade:
Chauncey Billups   $14,200,000
Marshon Brooks    $1,343,300
Bill Walker               $916,000
Landry Fields           $788,872
Kelenna Azuibuke    $3,364,000
Total: $20,612,083

This trade financially works for the Knicks.

Jazz Get:
Chauncey Billups 14,200,000
Jeff Teague          $1,579,920              
Bill Walker              $916,000
Marshon Brooks    $1,343,300
48th pick                                           
Total: $18,039,202

Jazz Trade:
Devin Harris 9,319,000
Paul Millsap 6,700,000
Kyrylo Fesenko  $1,087,500   (S&T)
Total: $17,106,500

The Utah Jazz's salary before this trade is $51,709,192. The Utah Jazz are $4,790,808 under the set NBA salary cap of 56.5 million. This trade financially works for the Jazz.

Hawks get:
Paul Millsap          $6,700,000
Kelenna Azuibuke $3,364,000
Landry Fields           $788,872 
Total: $10,852,872

Hawks Trade:
Jamal Crawford $10,080,000
Jeff Teague         $1,579,920
Pape Sy                 $473,604   (S&T) 
Total:  $12,133,524

Cavs receive
53rd pick

Magic receive
Manny Harris
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Team Roster and Analysis 2011

Post and analyze your roster using the format I have used for the Washington Wizards. Take the Wizards information out and input your players, and 2011 salaries. Also fill in your draft picks, etc like the others. The link is in the main blog. DO NOT USE A COPY PASTED ROSTER FROM ANY OTHER SITE AS IT MESSES WITH THE FORMAT.

Washington Wizards -

Rashard Lewis - SF - $22,152,000
James Posey - SF - 6,925,400
John Wall - PG - $5,530,080
Yi Jianlian -PF -$5,403,366
Maurice Evans - SG - $2,500,000
Paul George - SF - $2,406,240 
JaVale McGee - C - $2,462,399
Kevin Seraphin - PF/C - $1,680,360
Trevor Booker - PF - $1,294,920
Jordan Crawford - SG - $1,120,440
Hamady Ndiaye - C - $650,000
Total team Salary - $52,125,205 

Draft Picks - 
#6 = Jan Vesely
#15 = Chris Singleton
#18 = Jimmer Fredette 
#34 = Jordan Williams

Starting 5 -

PG - John Wall
SG - Jordan Crawford
SF - Paul George
PF - Trevor Booker
C - JaVale McGee

2nd Team -
PG - Jimmer Fredette
SG/SF - Chris Singleton
SF - Rashard Lewis
PF/C - Jan Vesely
C/PF - Kevin Seraphin

Reserves -
SG/SF - Maurice Evans
SF - James Posey
PF - Yi Jianlian
PF/C - Jordan Williams
C - Hamady Ndiaye

Trade - 

Wizards receive -
James Posey - 6,925,400
Paul George - 2,406,240
15th overall pick 2011
Total: 9,331,640

Pacers receive -
Andray Blatche - 6,442,083
Nick Young - 3,695,857
Total: 10,137,940

Orlando Magic


PG - Steve Nash

SG - Jason Richardson

SF - Quentin Richardson

PF - Ryan Anderson

C - Dwight Howard


PG - Gilbert Arenas

SG - Tracy McGrady

SF - Hedo Turkoglu

PF - Brandon Bass

C - Daniel Orton


SG - Manny Harris

PF - Malik Allen


Orlando desperately looked for an elite teammate to pair with Dwight Howard. After engaging in early talks with the 76ersabout Andre Iguodala, things fell through so Orlando looked at shopping around their star. LA low-balled them offering an average player in Andrew Bynum and an aging Lamar Odom. Talks then swung to Oklahoma City in a package surrounding Russell WestbrookSerge Ibaka, and Kendrick Perkins and were close to pulling the triggar before last minute discussions with the Phoenix Suns landed the Magic Steve Nash. Nash, like Howard, only has a year left on his deal, and thus opens up about 30 million coming off the books next season as Orlando prepares for the 2013 free agency class when Arenas and Turkoglu come off the books as well, another 30 million. Orlando has set itself up for one last run with Nash at the helm, hopefully giving Howard the sense that the Magic are looking to get better and a little bit of patience will be key.

Free Agency

Most of Orlando's MLE is tied up in Quentin Richardson, but what's left of it would probably be looked at with either Glen Davis or Greg Oden. Oden's not available until January because of his knees, but that will give Orlando some time to see what Daniel Orton can do along with give Bass and Anderson some solid minutes hopefully raising their stock before the trade deadline. Because of the lack of money, if Oden doesn't come, Orlando probably sits back.


The Magic are set up for one more year. They're going to have a deadly pick and roll game with Howard and Nash along with actually improving their perimeter shooting from a year ago. Nash is a better shooter than Nelson and his distributing skills will really help the Richardsons, especially Jason, and the young Ryan Anderson. With Nash setting him up, and the overall improvements to his game, there's no reason to believe Dwight can't average 25 points this year. Quentin replaces Turkoglu in the line-up because Nash will dominate the ball and Orlando needs some perimeter defense. On the bench, you have two former all-NBA players and Turkoglu who can all make spot starts and contribute in various ways. Orlando is hoping that Gilbert can recover and with an off-season of Magic workouts, come back in better shape. He can be the explosive 6th man they're looking for. Bass can spell both Howard and Anderson and bring some toughness and rebounding. McGrady can play either guard position and can be a facilitator off the bench who can knock down some shots. There will also be the occassional night where he's just feeling it and can get 15-20 points off the bench. Turkoglu sucks but he's another guy who can handle the ball along with spot up and hit some shots. Orlando has 3 guys capable of stepping up on any given night off the bench and although they don't mesh all that well together, they don't have to be used entirely as one unit. Manny Harris is going to be insurance in case TMAC or Gilbert gets injured again. Harris showed glimpses of Jamal Crawford like skills this year and his youth and athleticism will be huge in the future if Orlando has to rebuild without Dwight Howard.

Prediction: Orlando improved. Nash is one of those guys who makes his teammates better and with a great PNR player and Howard, and great shooters like JRICH, QRICH, Anderson, and Turkoglu, the system is perfect for Nash as well. We feel like this team is very comparable to the Suns team from two years ago except that Howard's defense is going to be a missing link. There's no reason this team can't make a strong playoff push this year.

Minnesota Timberwolves

C-Nazr Mohammed
PF-Kevin Love
SF-Derrick Williams
SG-Wesley Johnson
PG-Ricky Rubio

Second Team
C-Nikola Pekovic
PF-Markeiff Morris
SF-Martrell Webster
SG-Daquan Cook
PG-Johnny Flynn

C/PF Nikola Vucevic
C-Darko Milicic
PG/SG Darius Morris
PG- Patty Mills
SF-Lazar Hayward


Portland Trail Blazers send to the Minnesota Timberwolves:

Patrick Mills 937,195

#21 pick

Jerryd Bayless Trade Exception 2,292,600


Anthony Randolph 2,911,231 

Randolph wouldnt see much playing time anyways and didnt seem like he would develop into the player we need so I traded him for Patty Mills, a Point Guard who has showed flashes and will get playing time this year to see where he is, and the 21st pick.

Timberwolves get:
Cook $2,169,857
Mohammed $6,883,800

roughlt 9 mil


Thunder get:
Tolliver $2,200,000

roughly 8.2 mil

I didnt really
want to trade Beasley, but he doesnt have the best defense and lacks rebounding for his true position. I get a solid defensive and rebounds center in Mohammed, who will start but probablt wont play much as I want to get the Nikolas playing time.I get another First round drat pick and I really like my pickup of Daequan Cook. He is starting to show he may turn into something and at least is a solid role player.

2nd pick-Derrick Williams
Shocker I know, he is playing a little bit out of position, he could play either the 3 or 4 but If anything he can be trade bait in to the future or turn into a solid wing player.
20th pick-Nikola Vucevic Now the Center class is pretty weak after the top two, but i feel i snagged a good prospect who has good blood lines. He has a good work ethic and back to basket skills.
21st pick- Darius Morris- I really like this kid. He is a sophmore and has a ton of potential, can be Point or SG but seems to really see the court. He wont play much, because I plan to develop him.
24th Pick- Markieff Morris- This is a pick with High reward, low risk potential. He can rebound and Play defense so he will step up right away, but if he develops an offense game, world watch out, we may have a solid player along side Love.

Overall my team is for the future, and the plan is to develop my many young players. Have the PG battle, of Rubio, Flynn, Morris, and Mills fight it out and see who can come out on top. I could also use some for trade bait later in the year. Im going for the future.

This year predicted: 32 wins. Shows signs of huge improvement late in year

Future team of:

In a few years that could be a solid playoff team, barringa few FA pickups


You can look at the Lakers 1 of 2 ways... A team that's been to the finals 3 out of the last 4 years, winning back 2 back championships in that time span. Or, a team who was just swept in the second round. In all honesty, I believe you have to respect the first part, and acknowledge the second... This team has great players, they are also older, and slower... Add the fact that a new coach is coming in, I believe a few changes are needed in order to compete successfully with all these other teams getting much stronger. There are 5 things i feel need to be addressed in order:

1. overall team speed
2. a stronger (consistent) bench
3. help at the pg
4. a 2nd closer to help Kobe
5. the future


With Jim Buss trying to prove he is the new king of the Lakers Bynum's time is slowly coming. He said Bynum is "untouchable" and brought in a defensive minded coach with ties to coaching Tim Duncan whom I believe Bynum is a young version of. Before you start thinking I'm crazy, age wise this would be Duncan's first year in the NBA, looking at it in that manner, you must acknowledge Bynum's play (not demeanor) is very reminiscent of Duncan at this point. At any rate we attempted the only trade that would move Bynum, Orlando. Bynum and Odom for Hedo and Howard seemed more than fair considering Hedo is not nearly the talent as Odom at a higher price I believe, and Bynum is second only to Howard at this point, and is only 23 years old. We moved on and made an offer for Stephen Jackson that fell through and Iggy that never worked out, with Gasol being the prize... It's surprising how little respect Pau gets. We finally reached a deal with Portland that moved Pau, Devin Ebanks and Steve Blake, and landed Marcus Camby and Brandon Roy.

Lakers ROSTER 2011-2012:

Ron Artest SF $6,790,640
Matt Barnes SF/SG $1,900,000
Shannon Brown PG $2,400,000
Kobe Bryant SG/SF $25,244,000
Andrew Bynum C $15,157,667
Marcus Camby C/PF $9,256,500 +
Derrick Caracter PF $788,872
Derek Fisher PG $3,400,000
Lamar Odom PF $8,900,00
Brandon Roy SG/SF $14,940,153 +
Joe Smith PF/C $1,352,181 *
Luke Walton SF/PF $5,680,000

Projected Salary = $95,810,013
Actual Salary = $94,822,877 (Ratliff, Smith, Johnson projected to be off books)
+ Players added in deal with Portland for (Gasol, Blake, Ebanks)
* Planning to re-sign

Players Released:
Theo Ratliff - $1,352,181
Trey Johnson - $76,292

  1. Derek Fisher
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Ron Artest
  4. Lamar Odom
  5. Andrew Bynum
  1. Shannon Brown/Andrew Goudelock
  2. Brandon Roy/Shannon Brown/Matt Barnes
  3. Brandon Roy/Matt Barnes/Gilbert Brown
  4. Marcus Camby/Luke Walton/Derrick Caracter?/Lavoy Allen?/Joe Smith
  5. Marcus Camby/Joe Smith/Lucas Nogueira

#41 - Andrew Goudelock - PG - College of Charleston
#46 - Lavoy Allen - PF - Temple
#56 - Gilbert Brown - SF - Pittsburgh
#58 - Lucas Nogueira - C - Brazil

With no first round picks the Lakers looked for solid bench players. Starting with a point guard, we thought about a quick small PG like Isiah Thomas but decided to look forward at a possible replacement for Fisher than a spark plug. Andrew Goudelock fits that bill. Very similar in size and speed, Col. of Charls. all-time scoring leader won this years NCAA 3-point contest running away with over 10 seconds left to shoot. With the guidance of Fisher and Kobe I think he has great potential to be the solid PG for years to come, also his range is limitless. We then went with Lavoy Allen out of Temple. Very talented, high basketball IQ, fundementally sound on both ends... The only question is his motor, his summer league will determine if he makes the team or we keep Derrick Caracter who had an issue in New Orleans during the play-offs that we aren't happy about. Gilbert Brown and Lucas Nogueira are 2 guys we hope can surprise people. Brown could be very much like Ron Artest, and who better to learn from than the aforementioned. Lucas Nogueira is 18 and his defense and rebounding are above average... With the mentoring of Marcus Camby and Joe Smith, and having a very high motor and very good leaping ability the 7 footer could be a future defensive player of the year. All in all we feel we had a strong draft considering.


We decided to keep the core as close to the same as possible. We feel with Odom starting Bynum has more room in the post and also gives Artest more time in the post which should help them both offensively, and we also get another playmaker on the floor who can stretch the court. With the additions of Roy, Camby and Goudelock our bench should be stronger as well on the offensive side. Goudelock and Shannon Brown will be fighting for minutes which may end up moving Brown back to the back up SG. Unless that happens we have 2 three men rotations. Roy will be the back up to Kobe giving him a rest at the end of the 1st and 3rd and Artest will sit at the end of the 2nd and 4th giving the Lakers 2 great closers at those points of the game. Camby plays center when Bynum rests and can play next to him when Odom is out like Gasol did last year. Both players are question marks due to injury, but we are only looking for about 20-25 minutes a game from both of them, which should keep them fresh. We do have some young guys that will log minutes early in the season to also keep their minutes low. The difference this year will be when Bynum is out we don't suffer defensively. Camby can still lock down the paint and when he and Bynum are together we should be very strong. As a whole we are still close to the same team only we now have a stronger bench, we are more agile, we have what we believe is a strong core at the PG, Kobe and Roy as a tandom to end games is something special we feel, and our future has been addressed. Everthing we wanted to do going into this off-season.

We believe a 55-27 win season and a Championship is well within our reach. We also feel that with replacing Phil and possible injury problems well within the realm of possibility, we could end up 42-40. If that is the case, Camby, Shannon Brown, Joe Smith and Matt Barnes are off the books. Bynum and Odom are team options, Fisher and Artest are player options, and Walton is in his last year so we are in a good position to get a great player or 2 in free-agency 2012-2013. But I'm optimistic and go with the begining of the final 3-peat of Kobe's career. 

Charlotte Bobcats

  •  Boris Diaw
  •  Stephen Jackson
  •  Joel Przybilla 
  •  Tyrus Thomas
  •  Matt Carroll
  •  Gerald Henderson
  •  DJ Augustin
  •  Eduardo Najera
  •  DJ White
  •  Sean Marks
  •  Dante Cunningham
  •  Garrett Temple
  • Shaun Livingston
Free Agents that will be resigned:
Dante Cunningham
Joel Przybilla
Garrett Temple
Kwame Brown

Players that will be released:
Matt Carroll
Sean Marks
Eduardo Najera

Current Team Roster:
Boris Diaw; PF/C - 9,000,000
Stephen Jackson; SG/SF - 9,260,000
Joel Przybilla; C - 7,405,300
Tyrus Thomas; PF - 7,305,785
Gerald Henderson; SG - 2,250,600
DJ Augustin; PG - 3, 236,469
Garrett Temple; PG - 237,127
Shaun Livingston; PG - 3,500,000
DJ White; PF - 2,001,167
Dante Cunningham; PF - 762,195
Kwame Brown; C- 1,229,255
DeSagana Diop; C - 6,925,400

Draft Picks:
9th pick was Marcus Morris, small forward from Kansas
19th pick was Tyler Honeycutt, shooting guard/small forward from UCLA
39th pick was Trey Thompkins, power forward from Georgia

First Five:
DJ Augustin - PG
Gerald Henderson - SG
Stephen Jackson - SF
Boris Diaw - PF
Joel Przybilla - C

Second Rotation:
Shaun Livingston - PG
Tyler Honeycutt - SG
Marcus Morris - SF
Tyrus Thomas - PF
Kwame Brown - C

Desagana Diop
Trey Thompkins
Garrett Temple
DJ White
Dante Cunningham

TRADE :  None

With a new head coach, who is more known as an fast pace offensive coach, than the previous coach Larry Brown. The defense must make sure to pressure the ball to increase the chances of turnovers so that more fastbreak plays can be initiated. Coming from the Golden State Warriors Stephen Jackson and hopefully a fit Boris Diaw who once also played for the Phoenix Suns are good building blocks for this type of offense. Drafting Tyler Honeycutt and Marcus Morris who is one of the top prospects in this draft can help bring in defense from Tyler Honeycutt and much needed offense in the post and three point shots from Marcus Morris who is also a good rebounder and defensive player. While Trey Thompkins can contribute immediately on being a good rebounder, shot blocker and back to the basket player who also can shoot three point shots. He is more of an insurance to what players  he can substitute for when they might get injured. He will need one or two more years to fully develop as a starting power forward in the nba.As for the other part i was not an active participant in trades because, they did traded away Gerald Wallace last season, and i would presume the Bobcats would not trade any more of their players realistically. The only projection i can make is if they can still play defense that was taught by Larry Brown, and with Paul Silas ability to connect with his players and instill a run and gun game then they have a shot to at least make it to the playoffs or be contending for the last playoff spot.
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CptMasterShake's NBA MockDraft 2011

Welcome to CptMasterShake's NBA MockDraft 2011! (No Free Agency this year...thanks to these Ass Hat players, and some owners)

Volunteer General Managers will represent Each NBA Franchise leading into the 2011-2012 NBA season. We will perform a Mock Rookie Draft and also make Trades using the same rules as the current CBA (as best as possible.) General Managers will be encouraged and some-what regulated on performing “realistic” against “wishful” trades and acquisitions. I want to input a "rejected" trade opportunity for a significant majority of GMs opposing a trade.

******Due to the lack of involvment and teams not being filled quick enough, I have waived the Team Favorite and Current level > allstar requirements.******

The Regular season is over and seeding has been set for the 2010-2011 NBA Rookie Draft.

The Official NBA Rookie Draft is scheduled for June 23 2011 at 7:00pm in Newark, New Jersey.

Our Rookie Draft will begin June 13 at 10:30am EST – 10 days to lead up to the draft.

Trade Discussions will begin immediately but Trade announcements not until June 3, 12:00AM EST. (Trades will then continue until June 23.)

There will be no Free Agents this will be too complicated while the CBA is being addressed.

What to do:

If you have elected to take responsibilities of a team, please be considerate of other participating GM’s and be responsive to inquiries and offers. Daily response and attention may be required, but not necessary in most cases.

Respond to trade offers with more than a simple “No.” Please include reasoning for the rejection and/or the counter-offer in detail. (Detail = salary information, needs vs wants, and current roster position rolls)

Manage your team with a business attitude towards Salary Cap and Future Salary cap.

I've thrown out Coaches this year.....

After the Draft and any Final Trades have been wrapped up (June 23), each team are encouraged to post an extensive analysis of the “whys and intentions” about the moves they made and give an internal analysis and debate of why their team has improved, and defend their madness behind their team’s goal to win the championship. We will then have a Final group/community analysis of the current state of the teams including polls, voting, more debate, mock season and playoffs. We are going to assume that the Salary Cap will be $56.5 Million.

Separate Blogs will be created to help simplify the  “Current team Roster + Salary” and “Draft board.”

Private Messages are strongly encouraged for trading inquiries and “rival team banter” for if GM Boston really feels like telling GM Lakers that his team sucks. Leave it out of the public eye, please. 

Each Representing GM MUST change their Avatar to their team’s CURRENT logo. Please accept this “sacrifice” for the month.

Please use regular Text sizes as the Moderator will use Large Bold lettering to announce trades and draft picks.

Trades are beginning June 3rd, 12:00am EST... 

Also another note, When making "proposals" and searching "interests" in trade, before the trading begins, please note that you're not simply saying "I will give you this and this, for this." and then with responses that say "okay ill do that." and then have someone offer a better offer and them saying "I changed my mind, sorry.".......Take your options, dont commit to anything until you and the other party are completely SOLD on the idea, and I would suggest not doing so until the end of may or between june 1st and 3rd. Since there is no way I can keep track of "who said theyd do this and they changed their mind" im leaving it to you guys to just be honorable and not step on anyone's toes. At the same time, even though someone says theyll consider one thing, make sure you have backup plans, etc in the event they go with another option. 

I am not going to Tollerate one team Trading 10 times...period...

Try not to get too crazy with this stuff guys, I mean, Trading Kobe Bryant or LeBron James isnt realistic in any bit...if your team made the playoffs and you arent losing any major contracts, dont blow up your team...youre winning...

Now, trading will be allowed during the draft, I will make sure there is ample time for pick and trading...

When awarded the GM of a team, pleas PM me your roster using the format I have used for the Washington Wizards. (see the Team Roster and Status.) Take the Wizards information out and input your players, and 2011 salaries. Also fill in your draft picks, etc like the others. The link is in the main blog. DO NOT USE A COPY PASTED ROSTER FROM ANY OTHER SITE AS IT MESSES WITH THE FORMAT.
Additional Information will be added if necessary.


Below are Websites that are useful tools for GMs.
 - Discussion Thread
entry/21137513/29652464 - Team Status for Mock Draft 
- Current Salaries

- How the NBA salary works (Layman)

  - How the NBA salary works - Best "business side" of NBA Website ever
 - Mock Draft with Updated Order (Not related to this Blog)

- Trade Center (approved Trades)

This will be the link where I will post Approved Trades. 


All Trades should be PM'd to me in REPLY to THIS message. (click reply under this message box, not reply to thread or reply to someone elses thread)

I will update rosters as they happen, be patient. 

Please include Salaries for EACH PLAYER and PICK as well as trade exceptions, etc. Be detailed. 

I need BOTH TEAM GM's to Private Message me the EXACT SAME MESSAGE regarding the trade details. If there are multiple teams involved, get together with all teams involved, and ALL THREE TEAMS have the SAME message. Even if the third team has nothing to do with the first team...if a player from the first team ENDS UP on the Third or Fourth team passing through team two, whatever, it MUST be included.

Ex. - If the Washington Wizards trade Andray Blatch and Nick Young to Cleveland for Delonte West, and then Cleveland trades Andray Blatche to the Clippers for draft picks (just an example, not happening) then All three teams message each other, until you all have the SAME DRAFT for proposal of the trade including every detail. 

The Draft starts MONDAY JUNE 13 at 10:30am EST.

The draft will most likely last all of the week and possibly into weekend.
I hope everyone has done their homework on players entering this year's rookie draft. 

If you are going to be drafting in the first 20 picks, I suggest being around (I'd think everyone would be around) in the event that a team misses on a player they wished to draft and would feel more comfortable to trade down or give offers to teams if you want to trade up.

Each Team will have 90 Minutes to Announce their Choice when it is their turn to pick for the first round. (I will announce when their time begins, and the time stamp on the message will be the starting time) Please be considerate of others by announcing your pick right away if there's no question on your pick, so that we can move on. I figured the first 10 picks or so will go rather quickly, unless a player announces their pick is for sale and wishes to trade down. If this is the case, simply announce "The Blankety Blanks are looking for offers to trade down." He will then have only his alotted time to receive offers. They get no extra time. If an agreement is made, the trade will be announced, and the pick will be made in the same message as the trade announcement (so if youre trading down, find out who the other team is drafting and announce in the draft, this prevents people from trading down picks for a target player only for the team they traded down for drafted that player with that pick ((I'd LoL if that happened to any of you, so dont be foolish)) .) If someone drafts your player, even after youve traded down, boo-hoo....

Please let me know if none of this works out for anyone. We will draft until 10:00pm nights. Then the timer will be off, but picks can still be made if done in order.

Again, any discrepancies, please, let me know asap.

Draft will then continue throughout the weekend after the initial draft dates slightly differently. Each pick will be up for 2 hours MAXIMUM. When a pick is made, the 2 hours clock restarts. The first pick of the second day will begin at 10:00amEST. Any Gm's who think they may not be around will send me Top Five players IN ORDER, that they wish to draft if they are within 5 picks of the current pick. When their pick is up, if they are actually there, they can confirm with me who they want to pick (even if they're not on the list they initially gave) and the draft will move on. If the GM is absent for the ENTIRE two hours, the pick at the top of the list will be made. I hope all Gm's who know they are close to their pick can check in once every two hours at least to see the status of the draft. And could stick around to see what happens. But if not, it's going to be okay, some of us do work.

I know who I am targeting and have picks spread out pretty evenly where I wouldnt draft a player 7 picks ahead of where I was hoping him to fall if he is on someone's list before I'm able to draft him. You will have to trust me as I've done my best in being commisioner and keeping this as fair and fun as possible. If anyone DOES find a pick of mine to be "fishy" then please talk to me about it. And I will give you perfectly good reasons for my picks. 

If you want to trade down your pick when your pick comes up, you must be present. If you are present, and wish to be humored by trade offers, you get 15 minutes. You will announce the same as before using "The Blankety Blanks are looking for offers to trade down." From that time stamp, you get 25 minutes. When that 25 minutes is up, your pick must be in, or (present or not) the player at the top of your list will be drafted. Please don't wait through all 25 of the minutes if you aren't that interested. Most trades should have taken place already, but some players get drafted and some players are still available when unexpected, so there's still some room.

The remainder of the draft will continue so-on until all 60 picks have been made. For all I know, this draft could be over the first night, or it could be over before the end of the day Friday if everyone keeps to it and doesn't want to try and trade down EVERY pick. I can't not give the time to trade down, so please try not to abuse the time given.

If something needs to be fixed for the drafting, let me know.


Good Luck

Current GM's

Atlanta, Hawks = PatsC'sSoxOhMy 
Boston, Celtics = RandyMoss81  
Charlotte, Bobcats = gordiancyon 
Chicago, Bulls = Hoosierdude12 
Cleveland, Cavaliers = M1ghty Mouse  
Dallas, Mavericks =  roxfan4life
Denver, Nuggets =  
Detroit, Pistons = slick612 
Golden State, Warriors = Cain=CYYOUNG 
Houston, Rockets = Nosferatu39 
Indiana, Pacers = Titan_Gator 
Los Angeles Lakers= wlkwlk3
Los Angeles Clippers =  Michigan Sports
Memphis, Grizzlies = 
Miami, Heat = KingJoffeJoffer 
Milwaukee, Bucks = LBJwitness31
Minnesota, Timberwolves = WIBAGDERS
New Jersey, Nets =  
New Orleans, Hornets = 
New York, Knicks = Packers 500
Oklahoma City, Thunder =  JaguarFan34 
Orlando, Magic =  BucFan34
Philadelphia, Sixers = Pey900 
Pheonix, Suns = Iowa Hawkeyes
Portland, Trail Blazers = xavierschwab 
Sacremento, Kings = akainu
San Antonio, Spurs =  
Toronto, Raptors = Diabetic8025
Utah, Jazz = TitansMcNa1r  
Washington, Wizards = CptMasterShake 

**A Note to everyone in trade talks, it helps to use "Reply" at the bottom of trade proposals from another GM when discussing trades with an individual GM with the last message you had with him about the trade, rather than the last message currently on the entire thread list, so that you can then click "See Replies" and "In Reply to" and see all messages directly related to that message, instead of searching through all the pages looking for the messages you want to read. 

***Suggestion - For all current GM's while we are waiting for GM's to fill the team list, I suggest researching the top 80 draft prospects. If you want to make a decent team, I suggest creating a word document with notes you pick up of possible draftees, etc, to post why you draft them when you do and how theyre going to help your team in the final "Analysis Presentation" of your team for our Mock season and playoffs in mid July (Maybe). In no reason do you HAVE to do any of this and can do this half-assed and be lame, but it would be great if you did, and helps you get attached to certain rookie players that you actually become interested in their progression through their rookie season and career when you remember "I drafted him in CptMasterShake's mock draft...I knew he was awesome."***

Posted on: July 7, 2010 7:58 pm

What I'd get for MYself if I were Lebron James666

What I would do...if given the chance, to be LeBron James .

If I were LeBron James...I would demand a sign and trade AWAY from Cleveland.

Sorry, Mistake by the Lake. It's time to be your monster, but become the legand of everyone elses' little guy who is getting out of the little town, and dominating the big city, and then THE WORLD. Cry babies...give give give, it's better for us, not for you, we dont want to put forth the effort to grow and survive. Sounds a little like Jesus...except he DOESN't save us....awful...Lebron James is the son of Satan.
If the team can't work it out that I want to go to, then that's OBVIOUSLY not where I'm going. Because they aren't doing what I want...

Ah, Yes...New York...You will do ANYTHING I SAY...wont you? save your pretty city, "bring us out of the last ROTTING DECADE, sweet savior of filth." you say. Of course...under these following conditions...

#1 - Three words....Max Con Tract. That's right...128 mill or whatevah. Get it done...Six Years servants.

#2 - Eddy Curry and Danillo Galinarieiirie---er whatever, I dont care, I'm the King!....gone. They leave in the Sign and Trade...buh-bye....and get me a 2nd round pick from someone, anyone, doesn't matter...I'm going to make that kid my bitch to fetch me my Crayons and fresh sashimi...and turn him into the next "Side kick on Lebron's Team." he he...stupid SKOLTs.

#3 - Gilbert Arenas ...muh mis-understood Friend. You've got lots of money...use it and get his "gonna be the next NYC Plaxico Buress" PG over here. I want a man that can make shots, and with our alleged "rivalry" I'd rather get more play on that story during the season, which would be BETTER than Artest and Kobe...3 points Lebron...*ting*....and LEBRONIMATE the Knicks vs Heat Rivalry. It's a match made in heaven, and my career, and legacy...and religious

rs............whatevah...Sign that white guy you've got that everyone RAVES about, and sign Mike Miller too, and ship them whities over to Washington for Gilbert (this is why Gilbert has changed his mind about #6, because that's gonna be My Number!!!...or should I say THE NUMBER!!!!!!666....) that Blatche goofball, and my lazy friend Nick Young ...

#4 - So, you've got me my squad so far...ME...(I always come 1st) then Gilbert Arenas, Amare Stoudemire, Tony Douglas (my new goblin,) Wilson Chandler , and Bill Walker . You know that contract about Eric Dampier and Dallas? Yeah....We'll take him....we'll waive him...and then offer him a contract he CAN't MLE to come play with ME after the two months has passed...

#5 - Carlos Boozer ....get that man some money...just enough that will fit in our budget...which is practicly nothing....but if he wants in on this party, he better leave some cake on the knows he'll be part of the best entourage in New LeBrork. Everyone else...just make sure they pass through my inspection...I'm sure they will start ligning up outside to ask to pick him (or her) to play with ME, Lebron 6 James.

#6 - Yankees....I'm not coming unless I get top of the list dibbs, as Lebron the King James, to the new Super 'Fit for The King' suite you're about to build using these architectural plans...and it has to be ready for next season. Opening Day...I've already got a one hour special for charity on prime time 4 Letter Networks scheduled for the unveiling of that suite you're starting to yeah...and I want it for life...and yes...I want to buy a portion of the Yankees....and you will sell it to me...or I'm not coming and becoming a Nationals Fan! Strasburg and Zimmerman,'s gonna get HOT.

#7 - I want a legal pass from the city and state that would allow ME and MY CREW to Park at the Front Entrance at any establishment, public or private, without punishment or towing with no limit to the size of our Royal Parade...

#8 - The agreement to build my own Clothing Line and Athletics Lebron 6 James store in Time Square...If you have to pay someone to remove themselves, so be long as I make at least 51% of the company....and it BETTER BE AT LEAST 99% (that's two sixes upside's for when I begin to first "LB2"

#9 - Renovation of Madison Square Garden...I want it professionaly renovated, keeping a similar look to the old, new Club Level Seating for EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE that will my face sewn into the back rest of every seat...different expressions of course..I've got at least 100 I can do...I practice looking at myself a lot...and in the renovation, opposite of the TV cameras, at mid level.

 I want the restaurant " 6 " - A LeBron James SteakHouse, That I will donate 5 tickets to a family of 5 every home game of the year and get to eat in "A Table fit or The King" overlooking the court...That's where I want my Lifetime (to be passed down my generations) Season Tickets to be when I retire a Knick, with all our championships and MY MVPs...

#10 - I want to be allowed to buy a part of Central Park....and be allowed to build my Castle there....

Follow these Ten things...and I, if I were LeBron, would be able to make all these things happen...with the power LeBron brings...RAWRRR666

What would any team give you, if you were Lebron James?

Posted on: July 1, 2010 10:16 am

Shopping Gilbert there even a Market?

So Washington is obviously heavily shopping Gilbert Arenas. The Question is, who's buying?

This comes to my attention today (not like it doesn't every day) mostly by the immediate 120$ mil offer the Hawks immediatley made to Joe Johnson. I have one thing to say about this...why? And the answer is likely an already in-place Sign and Trade between the Hawks and another party already holding the asset(s) they're going to trade. Now, I believe Johnson is a great player. But a Max Contract is a Max Contract...and I'm not so sure Johnson at his age deserves such. Will he be a great asset on a team? of course. But let's look at it with refrence to Washington. Absolutely a fantastic player to add along side #2 John Wall. According to Leonsis, however, this possibility of SnT Arenas for Johnson is counter to what Leonsis "championship build" is. Johnson is not young, and will be 34 when his contract is over. At the same time, however, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen aren't young either, but they were both in the Finals this year, as well as Champions two years prior. I'm not saying Johnson will be a champion, but I'm not saying he's not bad either. I think, in regard to Arenas, that he's left too much of a sour taste in Washington, and will never regain the Love. There's a lot of haters out there who don't fully understand Gilbert's work ethic, his talent, and how he was not the Locker Room killer that Caron Butler was. But his image is rotten in the eyes of the most powerful city in the world, let alone the world itself, and will not get the energy from the crowd that Arenas feeds in during clutch moments of the game. He's not going to be a good piece in the Wizards' puzzle any longer, and needs to be moved to avoid yet another mediocre season, at best.

Joe Johnson for Gilbert Arenas (Atlanta Hawks)- Not bad at all. Johnson could be a decent veteran leader as well as a perfect compliment to Wall's inaugural season. Joe doesn't want or need to "be the guy." Atlanta can't rely on Mike Bibby's inconsistant aging performances, and will look to add a point guard, be it future developing, or instant, such as Gilbert. The concern, same as Gilbert's, is this proposed long term contract. Now, Gilbert's is different, cause the guy has missed over 80% of the last 3 seasons' games. Johnson, at least, has more potential to produce.

Vince Carter for Gilbert Arenas (Orlando Magic)- Similar to the Joe Johnson situation, just without the extended contract. This seems to have the most "legs." Carter isn't the "Half Man Half Amazing" anymore, but he's some where around "one-fifth amazing, three-fiths man, and another-fifth aging." However, this falls into Leonsis' strategy, as it would rid of Gilbert's longterm contract, rent Vince Carter for the year (which could be traded or bought out mid-season...((highly unlikely if happens, though)) and continue to add young players through draft picks and PERHAPS convince Carmelo Anthony to leave the Nuggets and come back to his Home town. I'd say that Carmelo is on a more elite level than Johnson, so the age thing wouldn't be an issue. Carmelo's attitude and immaturity at times (which we already have problems with Blatche) might not be the best way, but you can't doubt the fan support  and skills Carmelo will bring to the Phone Booth. The Magic have Jameer Nelson, but he disappeared in the late round of the playoffs, and that sent red flags to management. But, Gilbert wouldn't replace Jameer, he's act as the two guard and swing over time to time, where he can be most effective. Gilbert hasn't really had a true big man to work with (Haywood was always "developing") so not much would be known how much 'better' he could be in production ((if healthy and not threatening teammates with illegal firearms)) along side Dwight Howard.

Yao Ming for Gilbert Arenas (Houston Rockets)- Yao opted for his 17+ mil contract a few days ago, keeping him out of free agency and on the Rockets Roster. The Rockets, however, are interested in the acquisition of Chris Bosh (Bosh's first visit this morning, July 1st) Bosh has been rumored to be enticed by returning to his home state, and enjoying the tax freeness of Texas. With a current front court of Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin, why would Arenas and his contract be added? Well, Rick Adelman isn't and hasn't been pushing a slow down and let the Center Jam it In There kinda coach in my eyes watching Houston play, so removing Yao, adding Gilbert and Bosh, and making a move for Brendan Haywood while retaining Scola with Bird rights may be what Adelman is shooting for. Sure, brooks or Martin may take a back seat, or maybe Adelman will force Arenas to compete for the job...who knows. Yao in DC, alongside former teammate Yi Jianlian (who would likely play a perimeter role more than anything else as a PF) would only be for a year, if his Foot(s) ((feet I know)) allow him too. Perhaps even convincing Shaquille O'Neal to play for a Mid Level Exception with Yao and Wall this season would be interesting. The Two biggest Center's on one squad. Shoot, while we're add it, sign Shawn Bradley, who's rumored to be working on a return, just for a league minimum season. We've got that history in DC with the late Manute Bol and the frequently visiting George Murisan. 

Andrew Bynum and Sasha Vujacic for Gilbert Arenas (Los Angelas Lakers)- Why not send Gilbert out to LA where he can get into all the trouble he wants and fit right in with all the Hollywood attention he craves and desires constantly? With the high probability of Phil Jackson retiring, the Lakers need to be considering the actual future of the team. Right now Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown aren't great options of any sort, and they still win a championship. With Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol locked in the starting lineup, Bynum and Vujacic are expendable large contracts for LA to use on a skilled point guard. Kobe doesn't need a guy that creates shots well for others (although Gilbert shown he had improved greatly for the small showcase last season, averaging over 7 assists) but he does want a lights out shooter that draws a lot of attention from defense, and that's exactly what Gilbert does. Bynum has proven he has elite potential, but he's still going to be a back up to Gasol, which is the true champion center. When on the floor together, Bynum's numbers are nearly half his production. They don't perform well together, and Bynum's contract is near hellish for an injury prone backup. Sasha has this last year left on his contract of near worth of 6$ mil. You have Kobe Bryant, he's his own sixth man. Bringing in Sasha and Bynum to Washington, giving them starting positions and getting them the experience an opportunity to reach full potential is exactly what Leonsis wants to do in building the future of the Wizards. I can't think of a better situation for Washington, as long as Bynum stays healthy. What a lineup 2011-2012 would be if we were to acquire Melo. Wall, Vujacic/Hinrich, Anthony, Blatche (meh...), Bynum. That is youth and talent, as well as defense (not from Blatche's part, obviously) Perhaps Trevor Booker will become a monster. 

David Lee and Eddy Curry (and a future pick(s)) for Gilbert Arenas and SnT Mike Miller and Andray Blatche New York Knicks - I know, I know, you see Eddy Curry and cringe...but you gotta take a little to get a little. The Knicks desperately need a point guard, and why not one with a criminal record? (just kidding, NY) Taking away Curry's contract is well worth giving in to Gilbert's Contract. Mike Miller would be sign and traded (11$millish) (despite how much I wish we could keep him) to match the cost of Lee's expected 13-16 million contract and Curry's. Curry's contract is only for the year...and you NEVER KNOW, he might swith it on so that someone other than the Mexican Basketball Association ((no, there's no such thing)) offers him a contract next season...But the big piece is obviously David Lee. I'm not sure about him, as I can't lie and say I even watched a full knicks game this season, and when I was watching the bits,  I wasn't only looking for what Danilo Gallinari can do. But, by the numbers (and the hype) a young 20-10+ guy ((even though it's in D'Antoni's run n gone offense favoring those numbers (((which doesn't make sense to me...who cares why it happens, it still happens))) can't hurt. And he'd obviously be a better option than Andray Blatche.

 So....there are some decent options for different teams...I hope ANY of these bite...but if they don't, I don't doubt at all that Gilbert will do everything he can to be a winner for Washington. If it comes to it, have Faith, DC, have fatih Wizards fans, keep up the PURE ENERGY, and let the age of Wall begin...

Or we could convince LeBron James or Dwyane Wade to come to DC....but I'm not touching that with a twelve foot alligator.

Posted on: June 24, 2010 9:55 pm
Edited on: June 27, 2010 9:44 pm

CptMasterShake's Mock Free Agency

FREE AGENCY - In The Remaining Round (6) PM me roster and salary information (and totals)(including all exceptions and first round rookies)

Free Agency

This is how it’s going to go down…There are going to be “rounds” The first “Round (Round 1) will be the top key players that are likely to be targeted in the free agency process (Lebron, Dwayne, Joe, Chris….) Then there will be a round 2 with more players, etc….This will cut down on the amount of time and give me the ability to focus on individual players and move on to the next round smoothly and avoid “Have you made your decisions yet, blah blah blah….

I’m going to have a Free Agency Blog page…On this page; there will be links to a discussion thread for several players. Go to designated free agent page of the player you wish to send an offer to.   Please write your proposals in this format. REMEMBER TO PRIVATE MESSAGE


“Team Name - Offer – Total amount

Amount of years

Amount to be paid each year

Interests for Player (IE – proposed player role, a Sign and Trade (please review sign and trades in Cap Rules link before attempting to offer a SnT,) team improvements, team goals, and projected timeline for potential)”  


Be as detailed as you wish to improve your possibility of landing said player. You are trying to convince them to play for your team and no one else’s.

Please make the effort to read the Salary Cap and Free Agency rules…to prevent less work for me so this can go smoothly.

 (Note* - 2nd round Rookie Salaries do NOT count towards your Salary Cap for this excersise until AFTER Free Agency has ended (So cap rules apply with everyone else contracted and 1st rounders) and every team needs a minimum of 14 players ((my rules))

Alright everyone....Here we go...get your offers's the lists for Rounds of free agency....

(Click on the link to the left of the player to go to the correct discussion thread)
Round 1 -

CptMasterShake's Mock Free Agency -Lebron James

CptMasterShake's Mock Free Agency - Chris Bosh  

CptMasterShake's Mock Free Agency - Dwayne Wade

Round 2 –
CptMasterShake's MFA - Joe Johnson
CptMasterShake's MFA - David Lee
CptMasterShake's MFA - Jermaine O'Neal
CptMasterShake's MFA - Shaquille O'Neal

Round 3 – Click here for Non Amare/Boozer Offers

CptMasterShake's MFA - Amare Stoudemire

CptMasterShake's MFA - Carlos Boozer

Brendan Haywood

Al Harrington
John Salmons

Raymond Felton
Eric Dampier

Ray Allen
Tracy McGrady

Click Here for round's 4 and 5

Round 4 –

Luis Scola

Josh Howard

Udonis Haslem
Tyrus Thomas
Drew Gooden
Matt Barnes
Quintin Richardson
Randy Foye
Steve Blake
Nate Robinson
Kyle Lowry
Brad Miller

Round 5 –

Amir Johnson
Louis Amundson
Travis Outlaw
Devean George
Tim Thomas
Bobby Simmons
Earl Watson
Derek Fisher
Luke Ridnour
Chris Duhon
Rafer Alston
Craig Smith

After Round 5, All other players not listed will be available to send in offers  

Round 1 and 2 starts Friday morning…Each player from each list (that receives an offer) will make their decision by the end of the day. Offers must be received before 7:58pm EST for Round 1. 

Round 1 players will be announced at 8:00pm...EST...

Round 2 players will continue accepting offers until 11:00pm...and announcements will be made shortly after. 

Rounds 3 due at 6:00pm EST Saturday. Player decisions shortly after.

Rounds 4 and 5 due 10:00pm EST Sunday. Player Decisions will be made at 10:30pm  

Free Agency will then continue on a daily basis. Offers will be made during the day, player decisions will be made in the evening.

Round 6 - Click Here

  Don’t wait to write your offers until the day of the round…get on it now with 2 to 3 offers per position using a Canned Offer letter (in the format listed in the Main Blog above) So that you’re prepared if you whiff on a player you originally targeted.  

If you are trying to do a Sign and Trade with a team, the “Player” must receive an offer letter from BOTH TEAMS with the details of the Sign and Trade…Offers for SnTs that are without the second participating team will not be considered.  

  I want to thank everyone for participating and puting forth the effort and I hope even more effort goes into your team evaluations Next week when this is all said and done.

The Wizards will, just like every other team, compete for free agents. I have ALREADY written my proposals, and will HOLD ABSOLUTELY NO BIAS as best as you all can trust me with for any free agents that are reqarded to the Wizards. Trust me for what it's worth that all my offers are already made, and will not change, and will be equally weighed against all agent offers. There's no other way, and I'm going to be as fair and as thorough as possible in my decision making for every free agent competition. I ask not to have an arguement over EVERY awarded contract, as it's not going to get anyone anywhere. If you wanted a player, you should make the best possible detailed proposal and I will read and analyze every bit of it. Go into years ahead, current, GM plans, everything you can imagine...convince the player.

The Blog and Discussion Threads will be made and posted late tonight. Good Luck everyone. Again PLEASE READ HOW SALARY WORKS AND HOW WE ARE PERFORMING THIS OFFSEASON FREE AGENCY ON THE MAIN BLOG AND ITS LINKS INCLUDED.


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Posted on: June 8, 2010 11:29 am
Edited on: June 15, 2010 1:15 pm

CptMastershake's NBA Mock Rookie Draft Status '10

Announce your pick publicly using this format in the discussion thread:
"For the Blankth pick of the 2010 NBA draft, the Blankety Blankets select.....Blankety Blank, Position from Blank Univollege."

Round 1

Pick #1   - Washington -                                                         John Wall -PG- Kentucky
Pick #2   - Golden State (Via Philadelphia) -                              Evan Turner -SG -Ohio State
Pick #3   - New Jersey -                                                          Demarcus Cousins -PF/C -Kentucky
Pick #4   - Minnesota -                                                           Derrick Favors -PF- Georgia Tech
Pick #5   - Portland (Via Indiana, Via Sacremento) -                  Wesley Johnson -SF- Syracuse
Pick #6   - Philadelphia (Via Golden State) -                             Greg Monroe -C- Georgetown
Pick #7   - Detroit -                                                               Cole Aldrich -C- Kansas
Pick #8   - Minnesota (Via Clippers) -                                      Xavier Henry -SG- Kansas
Pick #9   - Washington (Via Utah) -                                         Ed Davis -PF- North Carolina
Pick #10 - Memphis (Via Indiana) -                                         Avery Bradley -SG- Texas
Pick #11 - Clippers (Via Sacremento, Via Indiana, Via New Orleans) -  Al-Farouq Aminu -SF- Wake Forest
Pick #12 - Toronto (Via Sacremento, Via Indiana, Via Memphis) - Ekpe Udoh -PF- Baylor
Pick #13 - Miami (Via Washington, Via Toronto) -                      Patrick Patterson -PF- Kentucky
Pick #14 - Golden State (Via Sacremento, Via Clippers, Via Minnesota, Via Houston) - Hassan Whiteside -C- Marshall
Pick #15 - Milwaukee -                                                           Paul George -SF- Fresno State
Pick #16 - Portland (Via Indiana, Via Chicago, Via Houston, Via Minnesota) - Eric Bledsoe -PG- Kentucky
Pick #17 - Clippers (Via Chicago) -                                          Luke Babbit -SF- Nevada
Pick #18 - Washington (Via Miami) -                                       Larry Sanders -PF/C- VCU
Pick #19 - Boston -                                                               Gordon Hayward -SF- Butler
Pick #20 - San Antonio -                                                        Daniel Orton -PF/C- Kentucky   
Pick #21 - Milwaukee (Via Minnesota, Via OKlahoma City) -       James Anderson -SG- Oklahoma State
Pick #22 - Indiana (Via Portland) -                                         Damion James -SF -Texas
Pick #23 - Oklahoma City (Via Minnesota) -                             Elliot Williams -SG- Memphis
Pick #24 - Atlanta -                                                               Armon Johnson -PG/SG- Nevada
Pick #25 - Clippers (Via New Orleans, Via Indiana, Via Memphis) - Terricho White -PG/SG- Mississippi
Pick #26 - Oklahoma City -                                                    Kevin Seraphin - PF/C - France
Pick #27 - New Jersey -                                                          Devin Ebanks -SF- West Virginia U
Pick #28 - Memphis -                                                            Craig Braikens -PF- Iowa State
Pick #29 - Pheonix (Via Orlando) -                                          Dominique Jones -SG- South Florida
Pick #30 - Sacremento  (Via Toronto, Via Washington) -            Willie Warren -PG- Oklahoma

Round 2

Pick #31 - New Jersey -                                                          Solomon Alabi -C- Florida State
Pick #32 - Oklahoma City -                                                    Jordan Crawford -SG- Xavier
Pick #33 - Detroit (Via Toronto, Via Sacramento) -                    Jarvis Varnado -PF- Mississippi State
Pick #34 - Clippers (Via Detroit, Via Golden State) -                  Quincy Pondexter -SF - Washington
Pick #35 - Miami (Via Washington) -                                       Stanley Robinson -SF- Uconn
Pick #36 - Sacremento (Via Golden State, Via Detroit) -             Jerome Jordan -C- Tulsa
Pick #37 - Chicago (Via Detroit, Via Clippers, Via Minnesota, Via Milwaukee) - Tim Ohlbrecht -PF- Germany
Pick #38 - New York Knicks ** -                                              Gani Lawal -PF- Georgia Tech
Pick #39 - New York Knicks **-                                               Greivis Vasquez -SG- Maryland
Pick #40 - Indiana -                                                              Lance Stephenson -SG- Cincinnati
Pick #41 - Washington (Via Miami) -                                       Nemanja Bjelica -SF- Serbia
Pick #42 - Washington (Via Miami) -                                       Dexter Pittman -C- Texas
Pick #43 - LA Lakers **-                                                       Matt Bouldin -PG/SG- Gonzaga
Pick #44 - Indiana (Via Portland) -                                         Art Parakhouski -C- Radford
Pick #45 - Houston (Via Minnesota) -                                     Samardo Samuels -PF- Louisville
Pick #46 - Houston (Via Cleveland, Via Pheonix) -                   Trevor Booker -PF- Clemson
Pick #47 - Detroit (Via Clippers, Via Milwaukee) -                     A.J. Ogilvy -C- Vanderbilt
Pick #48 - Clippers (Via Miami) -                                           Sherron Collins -PG- Kansas                                                        
Pick #49 - Memphis (Via San Antonio) -                                                       Tiny Gallon -PF- Oklahoma
Pick #50 - Dallas -                                                               Luke Harangody -PF- Notre Dame
Pick #51 - Oklahoma City -                                                   Mikhail Torrance -PG- Alabama
Pick #52 - Boston ** -                                                         Derrick Caracter -PF- UTEP
Pick #53 - Atlanta -                                                              Miroslav Raduljica -C- Serbia
Pick #54 - Milwaukee -( Via LA Clippers) -                               Darington Hobson -SF- New Mexico
Pick #55 - Detroit (Via Utah) -                                               Alexey Shved -PG- Russia
Pick #56 - Houston (Via Minnesota) -                                     Lazar Hayward -SF- Marquette
Pick #57 - Milwaukee (Via LA Clippers, Via New Orleans, Via Indiana, Via Dallas**) - Dwayne Collins -PF- Miami
Pick #58 - LA Lakers ** -                                                     Jon Scheyer -PG- Duke
Pick #59 - Orlando -                                                            Charles Garcia -SF- Seattle
Pick #60 - Pheonix -                                                           Pablo Aquilar -PF- Spain

No Picks for the Charlotte Bobcats

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